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Solvent Recovery



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Final product

Step 01


Dry flower can be either milled or ground down to small particulate using equipment similar to a blender. For a more efficient extraction, grind your material finer, just as you would with coffee.

Step 02


The ground plant material is loaded into the extractor and carbon dioxide (CO2) passes through the material at precise temperatures and pressures, extracting selected compounds into a crude oil.

This is where Vitalis Extraction Technology excels.

Step 03


Ethanol is added to the crude oil, then the mixture is placed into a freezer where the undesirable compounds are precipitated out. Then, they can be filtered from the oil.

Step 04

Solvent Recovery

The ethanol-oil mixture is heated, causing the ethanol to evaporate. It then condenses further down the distillation line so it can be collected and refused in future batches.

Step 05


The extract can be heated to convert the THC-A to THC via decarboxylation. This activates the THC, allowing its effects to be felt after ingestion.

This step is optional and can be performed at most stages of processing.

Step 06

distillation and/or isolation

The extract oil can now be further concentrated and purified via distillation and/or isolation.

This step is optional, depending on your desired final product.

Step 07

The final product

An ultra-pure cannabinoid distillate which can be infused into a variety of retail products. 

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