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Cannabis Extraction

Ensuring that your quality is never compromised, that’s our promise. Our innovative technologies and superior operating techniques guarantee that our clients get the most from their plant. 

Extraction is Our Craft

Our diverse spectrum of extraction allows for us to create highly versatile products that can be used in the medical or recreational market. Our methods are designed specifically to retain complexity and quality of compounds so that the end product becomes the standard you are looking for.

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Extraction Services

Crude Oil: Flowers can be processed into full spectrum unrefined oil or into secondary products based on demand.

Refined Oil: Oils can be precisely refined into a distillate or isolate for the medical or recreational markets.

White Labeling: Ability to create a variety of world-class products, ready for domestic and international cannabis markets.

Extraction Spectrum

CannaPiece Corp offers multiple types of extraction methods for a turnkey solution to create the products you are looking for.

Sub/Supercritical CO2 Extraction -​

CO2 Extraction is a our craft at CannaPiece Corp. CO2 is tuneable, making it extremely versatile for our extraction technicians. CO2 is effective in creating a range of end products by precisely controlling temperature and pressure.

Full Spectrum Crude Oils

Winterized/Distilled Oils

Terpene Extracts

Alcohol-Based Extraction -

CannaPiece Corp also utilizes ethanol as a single-stream process that can be conducted under warm or cold conditions, both resulting in market-ready oils. Ethanol is regarded as one of the most efficient cannabis extraction methods because with other solvents, additional processing is required to remove the waxes, using winterization. This extraction method is optimized for the input biomass to increase efficiency and minimize post processing. This provides a winterized oil, but without the crude oil step that most other solvent extractions require.

Full Spectrum Concentrates

Versatile Distillate Oils

Hydrocarbon Extraction -

Hydrocarbon Extraction typically refers to the use of butane as a solvent that passes through the cannabis plant to pull out the desired cannabinoids and terpene compounds. This solvent is then heated and evaporated to remove the excess butane, leaving behind a pure concentrate extract. It is highly favoured for it’s non-polarity: which allows the extraction technician to collect the desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant without also extracting undesirables such as chlorophyll. We use hydrocarbon extraction to produce highly concentrated extracts for cannabis oils, wax, shatter, badder, live resin, crystals, and much more.




Sugar Wax

Live Resin

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The Leading Choice for Cannabis Extraction -

Licensed producers can rely on us to preserve the quality of their plant from the time it reaches our facility to finished product.

If you’re a licensed producer looking to work with CannaPiece Corp, get in touch with us today.

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